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Welcome Arizona Neighbors is “word-of-mouth†advertising at its best!

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New Residents & New Homeowners:

  • Spend up to 10 times more on products and services during their first six months in a new home than established residents spend in two years;
  • Are looking for new places to eat, shop, work out, have fun, get their car repaired, etc.;
  • Are unencumbered by shopping habits and are receptive to establishing new business relationships;
  • Are loyal to new community connections and are five times more likely to become regular customers than customers acquired from other sources;
  • Are optimistic about their new home and community and are ready to spend money to become comfortably established.
Who are we?

We are a Regional welcoming service that introduces local businesses to new residents and new homeowners.

What do we do?

We deliver a welcome packet with gifts, coupons & information to new residents and new homeowners in Arizona. We are currently growing our business in the Gilbert/Chandler area and have plans to expand through the East Valley. Also servicing Casa Grande and Central Arizona.

When do we meet the new residents & new homeowners?

At their convenience and only if we have an appointment. We are tactful, friendly, professional and accommodating.

Why should you do this?

New residents & new homeowners search for new services and we point them in your direction. They feel welcomed by your generosity and your offer more readily prompts them to do business with you. We talk about your unique features and great offer. We simply suggest that you follow up with your best service and friendliness.

Where do we meet with the new residents & new homeowners?

In their home or at our office. We visit with 15-20 new residents per month.

How do you join?

Call for an appointment and we will work out a cost effective plan for your business. Each month we will email a report of the visits we have made, so you may follow up with them. This is an affordable way to reach new residents & new homeowners who typically stay where they start doing business. Statistics have shown that major life changes trigger more spending. Moving has been the #1 reason for more spending and moving means making new choices. National studies have shown that marketing to new residents & new homeowners provides businesses with exceptional opportunities.